About Us

A. G. FRANGOS & CO LLC is a Limassol, Cyprus based, licenced boutique law firm, established in 2010 by Mr. Andreas G. Frangos. At the same time and in partnership with the Ukrainian lawyers Mr. Artem Saprykin and Ms. Iryna Odynets they established F.S.O. International Legal Services Ltd, a Cyprus licensed fiduciary and administrative services company, which serves our international clients’ corporate fiduciary needs and our clients in Kiev, with our office there.

At A. G. FRANGOS & CO LLC we provide to the point and in the most efficient way in terms of time and cost, professional legal advice, to the corporate and private clients of the firm, both in Cyprus and all over the world. We consider ourselves as servants of Justice and not just professionals with the sole aim in making profit.

Furthermore, we believe that everything is about good and efficient communication and cooperation, which results to the desired outcome. This culture defines the relation between our Team and our Clients.

We strongly believe that behind each complicated case and/or project, there is a challenge and a significant experience to be gained, which will enable us to develop our professionalism, our professional judgement and in consequence the best resolution of any task in favour of our clients.

We respect our clients and ourselves. Through mutual respect and legal knowledge. we provide the kind of advice, the way we would like to be advised. We don’t perceive our clients as “wallets”, but as individuals or legal persons that they have a specific need, which has to be addressed in the best time and cost effective way. We do not promise things we can’t deliver.

We always try to assess and explain to the clients their realistic options, based on facts and legal precedents and practice.

The positive working environment in our Firm, the cooperation and communication between the members of our Team and the desire for development, progress and knowledge, provides the motivation for successful results both for our clients and ourselves at A .G. FRANGOS & CO LLC.

We are proud that our firm, not only endured, but thrived and developed during the economic crisis and that we continue to work and believe, that the future will be favourable to our clients and to the members of our Law Firm.