A. G. FRANGOS & CO LLC is a Limassol, Cyprus based, licenced boutique law firm, established in 2010 by Mr. Andreas G. Frangos.

We provide from 2010, fiduciary and administrative services, through our licenced fiduciary companies F.S.P. International Legal Services Ltd and F.S.P Interserve Ltd. Our companies serve our international clients' corporate fiduciary and legal needs.


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Mediation Services - Alternative Dispute Resolution

Here at A. G. Frangos & Co LLC we keep educating ourselves. Having in mind the long processing times of a legal action, filed in our judicial system, along with high accompanying costs and uncertain outcomes, our Firm now offers mediation services in both commercial and civil disputes. Ms. Anastasia Ioannou and Mr. Andreas Frangos, have undergone mediation training by the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, as per the requirements of the Law, in order to be officially recognised by the law as capable to offer such services. They successfully concluded the programme which as per the description by the Cyprus Center of Alternative Dispute Resolution: "The mediation market in Cyprus is governed by the provisions of the Law on Certain Matters of Mediation in Civil Disputes Law of 2012 (Law 159(I)/2012). This law requires that for someone to become a mediator, they will have to undergo mediation training of a duration of 40-hours. According to the relevant domestic law concerning mediation, there are two types of mediation – mediation for commercial disputes and mediation for civil disputes. A commercial dispute is a dispute arising from a commercial transaction between traders or between traders and public authorities, while a civil dispute means any dispute that may be the subject of civil proceedings, in the sense ascribed to this term under the Courts of Justice Law and it includes labor disputes, but it does not include family disputes. There is specific legislation in place for becoming a mediator in relation to family disputes, which provides for family mediation courses under that specific law. For someone to officially become a mediator, a special register is kept by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order for the registration of a mediator, which presupposes that that specific person has completed the mediation training successfully. There are two Registers of Mediators: the Mediator Register for Commercial Disputes and the Mediator Register for Civil Disputes."

June 2, 2022
A.G. Frangos & Co Corporate Communications
GBL Alliance Spring Conference

Our firm as members of the Global Business Lawyers Alliance (GBL) had the great opportunity to attend the Spring Conference of the Alliance, which took place in Helsinki 4 - 6 May. We had the chance to meet face to face after two years due to the pandemic restrictions with colleagues from around the world and above all to educate ourselves. Doing business in Finland, legal tech and digitalisation challenges, client's perspective and expectations, #IP, #web3, #metaverse, #nfts were among others, the issues we indulged during the conference. More to come from the conference. Stay tuned. #lawyers #legaltech #business #opportunity #GBL #Helsinki #cyprus

May 10, 2022
A.G. Frangos & Co Corporate Communications
Decision by Paris Court of Appeal in favour of the Republic of Cyprus

Decision by Paris Court of Appeal in favour of the Republic of Cyprus in the FBME Cyprus branch case. Related Article below from philnews: https://in-cyprus.philenews.com/decision-by-paris-court-of-appeal-in-favour-of-the-republic-of-cyprus-in-the-fbme-cyprus-branch-case/  Τhe Paris Court of Appeal dismissed an application for the annulment of an International Arbitral Award, in favour of the Republic of Cyprus concerning FBME Bank, it was announced on Wednesday by the Republic`s Law Office. The case concerns the disagreement by the holders of FBME Bank Ltd`s share capital to the decision by the Central Bank of Cyprus to place FBME`s  branch in Cyprus under resolution. In a press release, the Republic of Cyprus` Law Office said that the Paris Court of Appeal issued on Tuesday, a Decision dismissing the application for the annulment of the Final Award, dated 15 January 2019, of the International Arbitral Tribunal in the arbitration A.F.M.S. and F.M.S. v. Republic of Cyprus (Case no. 20588/ZF//AYZ), and awarded 80,000 euros in costs in favour of the Republic. It is recalled that Mr. A.F.M.S. and Mr. F.M.S., who indirectly hold the share capital of FBME Bank Ltd., brought, in 2014, a claim against the Republic of Cyprus on the basis of the bilateral Agreement on the Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments between Cyprus and Lebanon, in an International Arbitral Tribunal established in accordance with the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, requesting compensation amounting to 1.4 billion US Dollars, it noted. The claimants had asserted, it adds, that the Central Bank of Cyprus had acted arbitrarily by placing the Cyprus branch of FBME under resolution, in accordance with the Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions Law of 2013, due to reasons relating to the reaction of the markets to the classification of FBME by FinCEN as a Bank “of primary money-laundering concern”. “The Arbitral Tribunal, by the Award dated 15 January 2019, by majority, dismissed all the claims against the Republic and confirmed that the Central Bank of Cyprus acted as a prudent supervisory authority, and that the Republic did not violate any of its obligations under the bilateral Agreement,” the Law Office said. Yesterday’s Decision of the Paris Court of Appeal confirms, inter alia, it said, that the Arbitral Tribunal had acted within its jurisdiction, and dismisses all the grounds for the annulment of the Award raised by the applicants. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal decided that the reasoning of the Tribunal on the merits cannot be reviewed by the Court within the framework of a set-aside motion. It further stated that it cannot be argued that the Tribunal failed to comply with its mission, and that there cannot be any breach of the international public order, the Law Office said. The Republic was represented before the Paris Court of Appeal by the law firm Viguié Schmidt & Associés, in close collaboration with the law firm Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP (which represented the Republic before the Arbitral Tribunal), under the instructions of the Law Office of the Republic, in coordination with the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Ministry of Finance. (CNA)

March 24, 2022